'Universal' Healthcare or a Market-Based Approach? It’s Time to Decide - Part 1
The state of health care in the United States has pretty consistently been one of the perennial political “hot topics,” with both sides at least agreeing that some level of reform is in order. That’s where the agreement ends. On one side, the proposals are all about one form of a socialized system or another, whether called a one-party payer system, or universal health insurance, or just straight out socialized medicine; the foundational principle being that the government will in some manner provide all citizens with equal access to free health care. On the other side, the mind set that is anything with the term “socialized,” or embracing concepts related to a socialist government-controlled cooperative, is at its core, just wrong; on this “market based” side, one idea is the concept of facilitating personal health care accounts, promoting a personal “ownership” of healthcare dollars. Which one to choose? I am not going to advise you on that. [I do have an opinion, but one of my goals is that after reading this article, you will be able to make a determination for yourself, but still have no idea about my preferences.] This article, which will be presented in two parts, is aimed toward presenting the pros and cons of socialized healthcare versus the pros and cons of a market based approach, in a fair and balanced [and unafraid] format. Part One will present the perceived strengths and expected benefits of socialized healthcare options, including the single party payer / universal health coverage approach. Part One will also include a synopsis of the Physicians’ Working Group for Single-payer National Health Insurance proposal for a national health insurance program. Part Two will discuss the perceived strengths and expected benefits of a market-based healthcare system, and present the efforts of the Center for Practical Health Reform aimed toward restabilizing the American healthcare system in ways that will sustain the primarily market-based approach

Course Publication Date: September 22, 2008

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Author:Karen Edmondson RN, MN
Course No:UH1072108
Contact Hours:2.00
Category:Community & Home Health
Leadership & Case Management
Medical & Surgical Issues
Professional Issues

NOTE: The course expired on 12/31/2012.

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