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  HP102014 “And I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff…..and Destroy You”: Inhalant Abuse Substance Abuse1.00 
  V072011 “It Takes a Village” (To Save Lives): Teamwork in Healthcare Professional Issues1.00 
  H020315 “It’s All In Your Head”: The Amazing Effect Attitude Has On Health Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  EDV050916 2-Hour Expanded Domestic Violence Course Community & Home Health2.00 
  MCM033016 A Complex and Perilous Medical Condition: Metabolic Syndrome Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  HR030916 A Historical Review of the Field of Psychiatry Psychiatric & Mental Health2.00 
  PHCE060314 A Public Health Concern: Escherichia coli (E.coli) Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  COPD040815 A Review of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  DF042416 A Review of Dementia Facts Psychiatric & Mental Health2.00 
  D040815 A Review of Diuretics Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  LLM033016 A Review of Lipid-Lowering Medications Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  LT082515 A Review of Testosterone Deficiency and Management Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  SDC041915 A Serious Dermatological Challenge, Cellulitis Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  AACG073015 AACG - Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  BPB030915 ABC's of Benign and Pathogenic Bacteria Medical & Surgical Issues5.00 
  AX072516 ABCs of Anthrax Community & Home Health1.00 
  BC042416 ABCs of Breast Cancer Oncologic Medicine1.00 
  CBC102114 ABCs of CBC Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  CQC020415 ABCs of Cost-effective Quality Care Professional Issues3.00 
  CPR073015 ABCs of CPR Emergency & Trauma Medicine4.00 
  DB101714 ABCs of Drawing Blood Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  GTGT082915 ABCs of Gene Therapy and Genetic Testing Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  HA100614 ABCs of HAIs: MRSA & VRE Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  IC020415 ABCs of Interstitial Cystitis Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  NLVD020415 ABCs of NVLD, SPD, & AD Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  TSP100614 ABCs of Transdermal Scopolamine Patch Perioperative1.00 
  AAA081116 Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Update Perioperative2.00 
  AP033016 Abnormalities of Pregnancy Community & Home Health2.00 
  GD042416 About Gestational Diabetes Women's Health1.00 
  IBS033016 About Irritable Bowel Syndrome Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  ANF033016 About Nutrition and Fitness Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary2.00 
  AC101315 Acute Coronary Syndrome Critical Care Medicine2.00 
  HF051315 Acute Decompensated Heart Failure Pharmacology1.00 
  A071116 Adenovirus: Do We Really Know What It Is? Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  AT081715 Adrenal Tumors Identification and Treatment Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  ARD042915 Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  EP090415 Advocating for Nurses through Effective Preceptorships Professional Issues2.00 
  AN031515 Aesthetic Nursing: Opportunities to Consider in Cosmetic Nursing Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CSVB042416 After a C-Section, Can You Have a Vaginal Birth? Women's Health1.00 
  ASU081516 Aging Skin Update Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  ASM082316 Aging, Sleep, and Medications Update Geriatric Medicine3.00 
  A090415 Albinism Medical & Surgical Issues4.00 
  ARP081016 Alcohol and Related Problems Substance Abuse3.00 
  AO082515 Alcohol and The Older Adult Geriatric Medicine1.00 
  AFF021816 Alcoholism – Facts and Figures Substance Abuse2.00 
  SOR102016 Alive and Well In America: The Snake Oil Remedies Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  ARS083011 All About Acute Radiation Syndrome Critical Care Medicine4.00 
  HMB033016 All About Hazardous Materials & Bioterrorism Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  AHIV033016 All about HIV/AIDS Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  BS040115 All About Irritable Bowel Syndrome Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  L030617 All About Lupus Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  NC-PAINMGT-15 All about Pain and Pain Management (North Carolina) Pain Management2.00 
  AS033016 All about Shock Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  SS022316 All About Spinal Stenosis Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  SC093014 All About Stem Cells Perioperative3.00 
  DD073015 All About The Diabetic Dilemma Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  MMS030716 All About The Mini-Mental State Examination Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  T092011 All About Trichotillomania Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  AAD062414 All Grown Up and Still Controversial Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  AB022816 Allergies: Blame them on Cavemen Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  AD080215 Alzheimer's Disease: Are You In There? Geriatric Medicine6.00 
  A010912 Amiodarone Pharmacology2.00 
  ALS033015 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  ATA031915 An Alternative Therapy - Acupuncture Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  AF073015 An Embarassing Problem: Adult Fecal Incontinence Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  NP032815 An Emerging Champion of Health Care: The Nurse Practitioner Professional Issues1.00 
  BPB100515 An Overview of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  NP111610 An Overview of Neurolinguistic Programming Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  OCD033016 An Overview of Organ Donation Perioperative1.00 
  OPD021816 An Overview of Parkinson’s Disease Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  POS101915 An Overview of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Women's Health1.00 
  EC040815 An Underreported, Embarrassing and Expensive Condition: Urinary Incontinence Geriatric Medicine1.00 
  FVL091015 An Unwelcome Inheritance: Factor V Leiden Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  AP080111 An Update On Avoiding The Pitfalls That Cause Lawsuits Professional Issues1.00 
  RSV043016 An Updated Review of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  IAF042416 An Updated Synopsis on Influenza and Avian Flu Community & Home Health2.00 
  LAS090715 Anal Pain: Could it be LAS? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  DI082611 Analysis & Case Studies of Drug Interactions Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  AO092815 Anatomy of Osteoporosis Geriatric Medicine1.00 
  AM042616 Anger Management: How Angry Are We and What Can Be Done About It? Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  AN080216 Anorexia Nervosa Psychiatric & Mental Health2.00 
  AACS082515 Anti-Aging Skin Care Basics Women's Health2.00 
  AR052115 Antibiotic Resistance – Bugs vs. Drugs Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  A032115 Antioxidants: Do they Work? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  AMM063015 Antipsychotic Medications and Metabolic Concerns Pharmacology2.00 
  ACT073015 Applying Critical Thinking Steps for Clinical Problem Solving Career and Self1.00 
  AE093014 Arboviral Encephalitides (Mosquito-Borne) Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  M092011 Are You Giving Medications as Ordered? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  ABGS020415 Arterial Blood Gasses Simplified Perioperative1.00 
  AA042416 Aspects of Asthma Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CAN111215 Aspects of Child Abuse and Neglect Pediatric Medicine4.00 
  AH012317 Aspects of Hepatitis Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  AT012216 Aspects of Triage Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  AA020415 Aspiration in Adults: What Should the Healthcare Professionals Know? Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  A082315 Asthma – Better Control = Better Outcomes Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  AG010517 Astrocytomas and Glioblastomas Oncologic Medicine5.00 
  AK021516 Athletic Knee Injuries, Do You Have One? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  ASD041615 Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Basic Review Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  FI042416 Avoiding Foodborne Illness Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  LME031515 Avoiding Lethal Medication Errors Perioperative1.00 
  AO030915 Ayurveda: An Overview Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  BNPU082916 Back and Neck Pain Update Pain Management5.00 
  BBB092011 Bad Bug Bites: Bed Bugs, Lice, & Mites Emergency & Trauma Medicine5.00 
  BS093014 Balancing Mind, Body, and Soul to Manage Stress and Disease Meditation, Yoga, and Diet Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary2.00 
  BSC021215 Bariatric Surgery and Care Perioperative2.00 
  AR080315 Basic Anemia Review Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  BPM030915 Basic Pediatric Medication Administration Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  BPN030416 Basic Psychiatric Nursing Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  CD080816 Basics of Celiac Disease Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CA042416 Basics of Congenital Anomalies Peri-Natal Medicine1.00 
  DI081811 Basics of Drug Interaction Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  BPD033016 Basics of Parkinson’s Disease Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  BPS033016 Basics on Plastic Surgery Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  RR070716 Baylisascariasis (Raccoon Roundworms): A Wildlife Menace Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  BC091015 Bedbugs: International Critters of Mystery Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  BCD042416 Behavior Change in Diabetes Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  BAN021215 Benign Acoustic Neuroma, Surgical and other Treatment Options Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  SB062514 Beware Spider Bites and Scorpion Stings! Emergency & Trauma Medicine4.00 
  BIH040212 Bio-Identical Hormones: The Good and Bad News Women's Health1.00 
  BCT042416 Biological Complementary Therapies in Diabetes Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  NV-BIO-16 Bioterrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Nursing’s New Nightmares Medical & Surgical Issues4.00 
  BEHM033016 Bioterrorism Events & Hazardous Materials: Response to Victims Emergency & Trauma Medicine2.00 
  BT042416 Bioterrorism Training for the Healthcare Professional Emergency & Trauma Medicine3.00 
  BDU073015 Bipolar Disorder: Newest Update Psychiatric & Mental Health4.00 
  BF070716 Blood: FAQs Emergency & Trauma Medicine5.00 
  BP010712 Bloodborne Pathogens 101 Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  BB080316 Bodybuilding and Steroid Use Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  BT032815 Botulinum Toxins – Looking Good & Feeling Good Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  BA051816 Brain Attack – Reducing Risk and improving Outcomes Medical & Surgical Issues4.00 
  BAR021516 Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction Perioperative3.00 
  BC032115 Breast Cancer Oncologic Medicine1.00 
  BHS092011 Breath-Holding Spells Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  B080111 Breathwork - A Way to Enhance Health and Well-Being Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  B030915 Bullying: What We Need to Know Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  BB092815 Bunions Basics Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  EBR030915 But We Always Did It This Way: Learning How Evidence-Based Research Can Change Nursing Practice Career and Self1.00 
  RS042416 Butt Out: Reducing Smoking Even Further Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  NPR080211 California’s Nurse-to-Patient Ration Law: Will Other States Enact Similar Legislation Professional Issues1.00 
  CM061516 Cardiac Medications Pharmacology5.00 
  BIN080316 Care and Assessment of the Newborn in NICU Peri-Natal Medicine2.00 
  CB090616 Caregiver Burnout Career and Self1.00 
  PSP041615 Caring for the Pediatric Surgical Patient Pediatric Medicine2.00 
  VPU022717 Caring for the Ventilated Patient Update Critical Care Medicine2.00 
  CTS031515 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Pain in the ..... Wrist Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  CAPD102711 Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CADP) Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  CVCU112116 Central Venous Catheters Update Perioperative3.00 
  CP020415 Cerebral Palsy Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CD082316 Chagas Disease (American Trypanosomiasis): A Comprehensive Review Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  CMTD073015 Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CA052015 Child Abuse Pediatric Medicine4.00 
  CG093015 Childhood Immunizations: 2015 Guidelines Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  COP092312 Childhood Obesity: Prevention and Treatment Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  CECT112316 Children & Effective Communication Techniques Update Pediatric Medicine2.00 
  CFS092011 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  CKD030915 Chronic Kidney Disease: Information and Management Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CP070913 Chronic Pain: The Mind Body Connection Pain Management2.00 
  CB093014 Circulator Boot™: End-Diastolic Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy Perioperative2.00 
  CD030116 Clostridium Difficile Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CD072216 Clostridium Difficile: Diarrhea At Its Worst Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  CNA-COUGH-16 CNA: If Your Patient Has a Chronic Cough CNAs1.00 
  CNA-GASTRO-17 CNA: ABCs of Gastrointestinal Emergencies CNAs1.00 
  CNA-PLASTIC-16 CNA: ABCs of Plastic Surgery CNAs1.00 
  CNA-DV-15 CNA: About Domestic Violence CNAs3.00 
  CNA-D2-15 CNA: About Type 2 Diabetes in Youth CNAs2.00 
  CNA-LYME-17 CNA: All About Lyme Disease CNAs1.00 
  CNA-SELFMED-15 CNA: Assisting with Self-Medication CNAs2.00 
  CNA-DMU-15 CNA: Basic Mastocytosis Update CNAs1.00 
  CNA-HEPATITIS-17 CNA: Basics about Hepatitis CNAs2.00 
  CNA-BCT-15 CNA: Basics on Biological Complementary Therapies in Diabetes CNAs1.00 
  CNA-ELDERABUSE-16 CNA: Being Aware of Elder Abuse CNAs1.00 
  CNA-DIABETES-16 CNA: Care of the Hospitalized Patient with Diabetes CNAs1.00 
  CNA-ASTHMA-16 CNA: Caring for Patients with Asthma CNAs1.00 
  CNA-ALCOHOL-16 CNA: Caring for the Patient with Alcoholism CNAs1.00 
  CNA-COGNITIVE-15 CNA: Communicating with Cognitively Impaired Clients CNAs3.00 
  CNA-OCW-15 CNA: Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace CNAs1.00 
  CNA-HBS-15 CNA: Dealing with Hyperglycemia CNAs1.00 
  CNA-DSD-15 CNA: Describing Diabetes Sick-Day & Surgery Management CNAs1.00 
  CNA-HYPO-15 CNA: Describing Hypoglycemia CNAs1.00 
  CNA-PAPSMEAR-17 CNA: Describing the Pap Smear CNAs1.00 
  CNA-LUPUS-17 CNA: Details about Lupus CNAs1.00 
  CNA-DWA-15 CNA: Diagnosis and Treatment of Asbestosis CNAs1.00 
  CNA-MTHFR-15 CNA: Diagnosis and Treatment of MTHFR CNAs2.00 
  CNA-SYSTEMS-16 CNA: Discussing Body Systems CNAs2.00 
  CNA-DOA-15 CNA: Discussing Diabetes in Older Adults CNAs2.00 
  CNA-MD-15 CNA: Discussing Macrovascular Disease and Diabetes CNAs1.00 
  CNA-PAD-17 CNA: Discussing Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) CNAs1.00 
  CNA-PPD-16 CNA: Discussing Pregnancy with Pre-existing Diabetes CNAs1.00 
  CNA-MEDERROR-16 CNA: Errors in Healthcare and Medications CNAs2.00 
  CNA-DNR-15 CNA: Explaining Doctor-Nurse Relationships CNAs1.00 
  CNA-BCD-16 CNA: Exploring Behavior Change in Diabetes CNAs1.00 
  CNA-CELIAC-16 CNA: Exploring Celiac Disease CNAs1.00 
  CNA-DN-16 CNA: Exploring Diabetic Neuropathy CNAs1.00 
  CNA-MRSA-17 CNA: Exploring MRSA CNAs1.00 
  CNA-FCT-15 CNA: Facts about Cancer Treatments CNAs3.00 
  CNA-PAPD-15 CNA: Fundamentals of Physical Activity for People with Diabetes CNAs2.00 
  CNA-CPR-17 CNA: Guidelines for CPR CNAs2.00 
  CNA-NUTR-15 CNA: Guidelines for Medical Nutrition Therapy for People with Diabetes CNAs1.00 
  CNA-SAFETY-16 CNA: Health and Safety CNAs1.00 
  CNA-DEMENTIA-16 CNA: Helping Your Patient with Dementia CNAs2.00 
  CNA-E-15 CNA: Helping Your Patient with Emphysema CNAs1.00 
  CNA-INFECTION-16 CNA: Here’s The Latest on Infection Control CNAs1.00 
  CNA-ALLERGY-16 CNA: If Your Patient Has Allergies CNAs1.00 
  CNA-CONSTIP-16 CNA: If Your Patient Is Constipated CNAs1.00 
  CNA-COLD-16 CNA: If Your Patient is Dealing with a Cold CNAs1.00 
  CNA-PRMDL-15 CNA: Information about Labor and Pain Relief CNAs1.00 
  CNA-CHRONS-17 CNA: Is It Crohn’s Disease? CNAs1.00 
  CNA-LYMPH-16 CNA: Is It Lymphoma? CNAs1.00 
  CNA-ENDOFLIFE-16 CNA: Issues at the End of Life CNAs4.00 
  CNA-ETHICS-17 CNA: Looking at Nursing Ethics CNAs1.00 
  CNA-PTSD-15 CNA: Looking at Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) CNAs1.00 
  CNA-POSTPARTUM-17 CNA: Looking at Postpartum Mood Disturbances CNAs1.00 
  CNA-BREAST-16 CNA: More about Breast Cancer CNAs1.00 
  CNA-RIG-15 CNA: More About Rabies Immune Globulin CNAs1.00 
  CNA-THY-16 CNA: More about Thyroid Disorders CNAs2.00 
  CNA-HIVAIDS-16 CNA: Overview of HIV/AIDS CNAs3.00 
  CNA-D1-15 CNA: Overview of Type 1 Diabetes in Youth CNAs2.00 
  CNA-PAINMGT-16 CNA: Pain and Pain Management CNAs3.00 
  CNA-PERSCARE-15 CNA: Personal Care Training CNAs1.50 
  CNA-DWARF-16 CNA: Plain Talk about Dwarfism CNAs2.00 
  CNA-CHILD-16 CNA: Problems Related to Child Abuse & Neglect CNAs3.00 
  CNA-RIGHTS-16 CNA: Residents Rights CNAs1.00 
  CNA-LAW-16 CNA: Reviewing Nursing Law CNAs1.00 
  CNA-LP-16 CNA: So You Think It’s Lichen Planus CNAs1.00 
  CNA-BIO-16 CNA: Talk about Bioterrorism CNAs2.00 
  CNA-DKD-15 CNA: Talking about Diabetic Nephropathy CNAs1.00 
  CNA-PRESENCE-17 CNA: Talking about the CNAs Presence CNAs1.00 
  CNA-GREIVING-16 CNA: The Grieving Process CNAs2.00 
  CNA-LCH-15 CNA: Understanding Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) CNAs1.00 
  CNA-SHOCK-17 CNA: Update on Shock CNAs1.00 
  CNA-WEAPONS-17 CNA: Update on Weapons of Mass Destruction CNAs1.00 
  CNA-DR-15 CNA: What is Diabetic Retinopathy? CNAs1.00 
  CNA-MASTOCYTOSIS-17 CNA: What Is Mastocytosis? CNAs2.00 
  CNA-PMBS-15 CNA: What is Pattern Management of Blood Sugar? CNAs1.00 
  CNA-BIPOLAR-17 CNA: What to Know About Bipolar Disorder CNAs2.00 
  CNA-OD-15 CNA: What to Know About Diabetes and Obesity CNAs1.00 
  CNA-CBS-15 CNA: Why You Should Check Blood Sugar CNAs2.00 
  CA030416 Cocaine Addiction Substance Abuse1.00 
  CC022717 Colorectal Cancer Oncologic Medicine2.00 
  CSP081015 Common Skin Problems Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CVP030915 Communicating Effectively with Varying Populations Career and Self1.00 
  DP082515 Communicating with Difficult People Career and Self1.00 
  CDP073015 Communicating with the Dementia Patient Geriatric Medicine1.00 
  CF033015 Compassion Fatigue Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CAM090313 Complementary and Alternative Medicine Update for Healthcare Workers Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  CAM022816 Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Are They the Alternative? Leadership & Case Management2.00 
  CAT123011 Complementary and Alternative Therapies Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  CB062414 Complete Breastfeeding Guide (Illustrated) Women's Health4.00 
  CG021716 Complicated Grief Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  CTB033016 Computed Tomography of the Brain Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CBS021816 Controlling Blood Sugar with the Insulin Pump Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  COPD082315 COPD – An Update for Nurses Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CBT032115 Core Body Temperature Maintenance in the Operating Room Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  DMD021816 Dealing with Diabetes and Macrovascular Disease Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  DNR033016 Dealing with Doctor - Nurse Relationships Career and Self1.00 
  KC033016 Dealing with Kidney Cancer Oncologic Medicine3.00 
  CW050815 Dealing with My Coworkers Career and Self1.50 
  BN082611 Dealing With The Bad News: How We Respond To Serious Illness Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  DE093015 Depression in the Elderly Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  DTC033016 Describing Thyroid Cancer Oncologic Medicine1.00 
  DR052813 Detached Retina Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  DPD042416 Diabetes and Psychological Disorders Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  DOA021816 Diabetes in Older Adults Geriatric Medicine1.00 
  DCH080215 Diabetes in the Hospital Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  DSD021816 Diabetes Sick-Day and Surgery Management Perioperative1.00 
  DFC081915 Diabetic Foot Care – Stepping in the Right Direction Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  DK102615 Diabetic Ketoacidosis and the Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic State Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  DCM082515 Diagnostic Cardiac Markers – Enabling Diagnosis & Improving Outcomes Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  DP061516 Disaster Preparedness for Nurses - Part 1 Emergency & Trauma Medicine5.00 
  DP080316 Disaster Preparedness for Nurses – Part 2 Emergency & Trauma Medicine5.00 
  DGE021816 Discussing Gastrointestinal Emergencies Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  DM021816 Discussing Menopause Women's Health1.00 
  ACL072516 Discussion of ACL Tears Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  DTS062414 Diseases Spread by Ticks: Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Human Anaplasmosis, Lyme Disease, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Medical & Surgical Issues5.00 
  DSD120615 Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) and Gender Dysphoria Pediatric Medicine4.00 
  DIC030915 Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) Women's Health1.00 
  IC030916 Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation in Pregnancy Women's Health1.00 
  DD022816 Dissociative Disorders: When Someone Really Isn’t There Psychiatric & Mental Health2.00 
  DW080111 Diversity in the Workplace: Differences Matter Professional Issues1.00 
  D040115 Dobutamine Through the Nurse's Eyes Pharmacology1.00 
  DB082615 Documentation Basics Leadership & Case Management4.00 
  DHE033016 Does He Have Emphysema? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  PTSD073015 Does He Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  ADD033016 Does She Have ADD, ADHD, EFD or LD? Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  DV072011 Domestic Violence Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  DV050516 Domestic Violence – 1 hour Activity Women's Health1.00 
  DV041415 Domestic Violence: How The Nurse Can Be An Advocate Women's Health2.00 
  DPP022116 Drowning and the Pediatric Patient Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  DRT030216 Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  DRT010912 Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, an Emerging Threat Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  DRN072011 Drugs and the Registered Nurse: Reclaiming Your Career Career and Self1.00 
  DVT060915 DVT and PE – Understanding Deadly Clots Emergency & Trauma Medicine2.00 
  DH040815 Dying at Home: Hospice and Palliative Care Descriptions and Current Treatment Alternatives Community & Home Health1.00 
  EH033016 Effects of Hypertension Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  EA042616 Elder Abuse: A Primer for Nurses Geriatric Medicine1.00 
  ECS080215 Elective Cosmetic Surgery Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  EMR033016 Electronic Medical Records Professional Issues1.00 
  DBF060814 Emergency and Trauma Medicine: Dog Bite Facts, Treatment, and Prevention Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  ETMA062414 Emergency and Trauma Medicine: Alligator and Lizard Associated Injuries Emergency & Trauma Medicine2.00 
  BML060814 Emergency and Trauma Medicine: Bear and Mountain Lion Attacks Emergency & Trauma Medicine2.00 
  CB060814 Emergency and Trauma Medicine: Beware the Cat—Bites, Scratches, and Cat Scratch Fever Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  HB060314 Emergency and Trauma Medicine: Human Bites Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  RTS060814 Emergency and Trauma Medicine: Recognizing and Treating Snakebites Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  TMS062414 Emergency and Trauma Medicine: Shark Associated Injuries and Marine Stings Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  ETMS062414 Emergency and Trauma Medicine: Stings (Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, and Fire Ants) Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  EOL041415 End-of-Life Care – Patient, Family, and Provider Perspectives Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  ECS082515 Enhance Your Communication Skills Leadership & Case Management4.00 
  CL021715 Enhancing Outcomes for Patients with Central Lines Critical Care Medicine1.00 
  EU091316 Epilepsy Updated Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  EAC092815 Episiotomy: Assessing the Cut Women's Health1.00 
  ED080111 Erectile Dysfunction Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  EDT112315 Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  EIH033016 Errors in Healthcare Leadership & Case Management2.00 
  ESR092208 Erythrocyte Sedimentation (ESR): Who, What, Where, When and Why Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  ETH051816 Ethics and Diversity in Nursing Professional Issues1.00 
  ERF072108 Etiology of Renal Failure Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  E042816 Euthanasia: Is It Mercy? Professional Issues3.00 
  PEM031915 Evaluating Patient Education Materials Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  EOA081115 Exercise and the Older Adult Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  EOA042616 Exercise for Older Adults: Part of Health Maintenance as We Age Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  EPC030915 Exploring Adolescent Group Prenatal Care Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  TD042416 Exploring Thyroid Disorders Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  FA090415 Facebook: A Deadly Addiction? Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  DAA033016 Facts About Dependent Adult Abuse Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  IC042416 Facts about Infection Control Leadership & Case Management3.00 
  FP033016 Facts about Pyelonephritis Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  FSA033016 Facts about Substance Abuse Substance Abuse2.00 
  GP080816 Facts about the Grieving Process Psychiatric & Mental Health2.00 
  FAS092011 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Peri-Natal Medicine1.00 
  FS091115 Fibromyalgia Syndrome Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  F062514 Fibromyalgia: Is The Pain In The Eye Of The Beholder? Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  F030915 Fibromyalgia: Yes, It Hurts Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  FES072015 Fire and Electrical Safety – Every Caregiver’s Responsibility Professional Issues2.00 
  FL-IMPAIRMENT-17 Florida - Recognizing and Reporting Workplace Impairment Substance Abuse2.00 
  FC010712 Fluid Composition of the Body and IV Therapy Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  FFB072214 Fly and Flea Bites and Associated Diseases (Plague, and Murine Typhus) Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  FA060814 Foot and Ankle Injuries (Illustrated): Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment Medical & Surgical Issues5.00 
  FEC033016 Forensic Evidence Collection for the ER Nurse Career and Self1.00 
  FXS090215 Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) and Associated Disorders (FXTAS, and FXPOI) Peri-Natal Medicine2.00 
  FCC030915 Fundamentals of Colorectal Cancer Oncologic Medicine1.00 
  GDU042416 Gallbladder Disease Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  G021215 Gastroenteritis: An Overview Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  GRD022116 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: A Primer Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  GAD031915 Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Worrywarts in the Extreme Psychiatric & Mental Health1.50 
  GG021215 Genetics and Genetic Testing Medical & Surgical Issues5.00 
  GHD030915 Gestational Hypertensive Disorders Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  UU022816 Getting Beyond Urgency and Shame with Urinary Incontinence Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  LNW031515 Going Literary: Nurses Writing for Publication Career and Self1.00 
  IPM042416 Guide to Intestinal Parasites: Microscopic organisms (Protozoa/Protista) Medical & Surgical Issues4.00 
  IPH030716 Guide to Intestinal Parasites: Helminths (Roundworms, Tapeworms, & Flukes) Medical & Surgical Issues5.00 
  POP092312 Guidelines for Managing Post-Operative Pain Pain Management2.00 
  GBS071116 Guillain-Barré Syndrome & Variants: A Comprehensive Review Emergency & Trauma Medicine4.00 
  HN111716 H1N1 Influenza Update Community & Home Health5.00 
  HH091608 Hand Hygiene: What Healthcare Workers Need to Know Perioperative2.00 
  LD080816 Have You Heard About Lyme Disease? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CRP033016 Have You Heard of C-Reactive Protein (CRP)? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CD073015 Have You Heard of Crohn’s Disease? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  EE080816 Have You Heard of Ebola? Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  HCA-HEALTHSAFETY-16 HCA: Basic Health and Safety for the Home Care Aide (HCA) Home Care Aide1.00 
  HCA-SYSTEMS-16 HCA: Body Systems Home Care Aide2.00 
  HCA-BREASTCANCER-16 HCA: Breast Cancer Awareness Home Care Aide1.00 
  HCA-COLDS-16 HCA: Caring for Patients with Colds Home Care Aide1.00 
  HCA-CELIAC-16 HCA: Celiac Disease Home Care Aide1.00 
  HCA-CONSTIPATION-16 HCA: Constipated Patients  1.00 
  HCA-HEPATITIS-17 HCA: Discussing Hepatitis Home Care Aide2.00 
  HCA-EMERGENCY-16 HCA: Emergency Procedures Home Care Aide1.00 
  HCA-SELFMED-16 HCA: Helping Your Client with Self-Medication Home Care Aide1.00 
  HCA-HIVAIDS-17 HCA: HIV/AIDS Home Care Aide3.00 
  HCA-COMCOG-17 HCA: How to Communicate with Cognitively Impaired Clients Home Care Aide1.00 
  HCA-ELDERABUSE-16 HCA: How to Report, Prevent, and Detect Elder Abuse and Neglect Home Care Aide1.00 
  HCA-ALCOHOL-17 HCA: If Your Client is an Alcoholic Home Care Aide1.00 
  HCA-INFECTION-16 HCA: Infection Control Home Care Aide1.00 
  HCA-INFCTL-16 HCA: Infection Control for Home Care Aides Home Care Aide1.00 
  HCA-RESRIGHTS-16 HCA: Learning about Residents Rights Home Care Aide1.00 
  HCA-COUGH-16 HCA: Patients with a Chronic Cough Home Care Aide1.00 
  HCA-DEMENTIA-16 HCA: Patients with Dementia Home Care Aide2.00 
  HCA-LIVINGNEEDS-16 HCA: Providing for a Client’s Daily Living Needs Home Care Aide1.00 
  HCA-ALLERGIES-16 HCA: The Patient With Allergies Home Care Aide1.00 
  HCA-ASTHMA-16 HCA: When Your Patient has Asthma Home Care Aide1.00 
  HL021215 Head Lice: An Itchy Subject Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  SDA120113 Health and Wellness: the Spiritual Dimension in Aging Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  HCRU050315 Health Care Reform: Update Professional Issues1.00 
  HCR081115 Health Care Responsibility Professional Issues1.00 
  HEB042616 Health: In the Eye of the Beholder Leadership & Case Management2.00 
  HF081115 Heart Failure: A Primer Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  HP091708 Heart Palpitations, What Causes Them, and How Can They Be Treated Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  HEAT080116 Heat Stress, Heat Exhaustion, and Heat Stroke Emergency & Trauma Medicine3.00 
  HP082515 Helicobacter Pylori & Ulcers – An Update Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  HB073116 Hepatitis B: Protection and Prevention 2016 Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  HM080315 Herbal Medications Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  HSV072516 Herpes Simplex Virus Update Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  HZ012816 Herpes Zoster Virus (Shingles) Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  HZ030915 Herpes Zoster: A Lifetime Companion Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  HPSH021816 High Blood Sugar or Hyperglycemia Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  HIPAA063015 HIPAA Portability and Privacy Professional Issues2.00 
  AIDS1HR063015 HIV/AIDS – 1-Hour Update for Nurses Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  AIDS2HR063015 HIV/AIDS – 2-Hour Update for Nurses Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  AU040115 HIV/AIDS Update Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  HT020315 Hoarding: One Man’s (Or Woman’s) Trash Is Another One’s Treasure Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  HN042915 Holistic Nursing Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  PPA042616 How Can Nurses Prevent Pressure Ulcers? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  PC040115 How Can We Prevent Cancer Oncologic Medicine1.00 
  GTH030915 How Group Therapy Heals Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  HGH042015 Human Growth Hormone: A Tall Order Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  HT020313 Human trafficking: Public Health Implications Professional Issues1.00 
  CDG022816 Humanity’s Common Denominator: Grief Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  HD070716 Huntington’s Disease: A Comprehensive Review Medical & Surgical Issues5.00 
  HT120815 Hyperbaric Therapy: HBOT, Portable, and THOT Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary5.00 
  HCR082515 Hyperlipidemia and Cardiovascular Risk Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  HE092915 Hypertensive Emergencies Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  H030716 Hypothyroidism Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  H042416 Hysterectomy Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  ABPU100616 IABP Use Update Perioperative5.00 
  STD051315 Identifying STDs or STIs Women's Health2.00 
  ICDC082915 Immunization CDC Recommendations Pediatric Medicine2.00 
  ACC121916 Important Aspects of Cultural Competence Professional Issues1.00 
  ICH102014 Improving Communication: Healthcare, You’ve Come a Long Way: Communication, You Haven’t Career and Self1.00 
  IC101014 Infant Colic – What Is It And How Do You Treat It Peri-Natal Medicine1.00 
  IC073015 Infection Control Guidelines Medical & Surgical Issues5.00 
  INF071116 Influenza: A Casual Killer Career and Self1.00 
  LP042416 Information on Lichen Planus Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  IES033015 Insomnia – Elusive Sleep & Treatment Options Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  IED062514 Intermittent Explosive Disorder: Psychiatry’s Improvised Explosive Device Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  ILD083011 Intersititial Lung Disease and Pulmonary Fibrosis Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  IC030915 Interstitial Cystitis Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  WLM092815 Investigating Weight Loss Medications Pharmacology1.00 
  IBS080811 Irritable Bowel Syndrome – AKA Spastic Colon Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  T080816 Is it Torticollis? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  KY-DOMESTIC-15 Is She a Victim of Domestic Violence? Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  W102512 Is Warfarin Still The One? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  EL080816 Issues at the End of Life Psychiatric & Mental Health4.00 
  IV072011 IV Therapy - The Legal Considerations Professional Issues1.00 
  HPW022816 Journaling: The Healing Power of Words Career and Self1.00 
  KPS030915 Keeping Your Patient Safe - Use the Patient Safety Goals Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  KY-HEADTRAUMA-15 Kentucky - Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma Pediatric Medicine1.50 
  KY-HIVAIDS-16 Kentucky – Talking About HIV/AIDS Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  KCU070716 Kidney Cancer: Update Medical & Surgical Issues4.00 
  DB082515 Kids and Dogs: This Bites Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  LC080215 Laboratory and Point of Care Basics for Nurses Career and Self2.00 
  LC022816 Laboratory Chemistries Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  LPS030916 Latex and the Perioperative Setting Perioperative2.00 
  FL-LAWRULE-16 Laws & Rules of the Florida Board of Nursing Leadership & Case Management2.00 
  IC022816 Learning About and Living With Interstitial Cystitis Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  PMD033016 Learning about Postpartum Mood Disturbances Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  MG090415 Learning to Work Together: Multiple Generations of Nurses Career and Self2.00 
  LD081516 Legal Issues About Documentation Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  LCM062414 Leishmaniasis: Cutaneous, Mucocutaneous, and Visceral Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  LTA110415 Life-Threatening Acronyms: DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) and HHS (Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic State) Emergency & Trauma Medicine2.00 
  L022816 Liposuction Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  LCT033016 Looking At Cancer Treatments and New Cancer Medications Oncologic Medicine3.00 
  RR080816 Looking at Residents Rights Community & Home Health1.00 
  LBS021816 Low Blood Sugar or Hypoglycemia Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  LCD022116 Low Carbohydrate Diets: An Overview Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  L090415 Lymphedema: The Impact and Care for Patients Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  LB033015 Lymphoma – Basic Overview Oncologic Medicine1.00 
  LPN080316 Major Medical Problems of Newborns in the NICU Peri-Natal Medicine3.00 
  M051815 Malaria: More than Just Mosquitos Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  MH080816 Malignant Hyperthermia Update Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  MA042416 Management of Allergies Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  MPL030916 Management of Preterm Labor Women's Health1.00 
  TPS091015 Massive Grief for a Tiny Person: Stillbirth Emergency & Trauma Medicine2.00 
  ME080816 Medical and Medication Errors Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  ME070716 Medical Error Prevention for Health Care Providers Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  MF082515 Medical Futility Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  MM022816 Medical Marijuana Substance Abuse1.00 
  MNT021816 Medical Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  MA012017 Medication Administration 101 Leadership & Case Management2.00 
  MS060215 Medication Safety Leadership & Case Management4.00 
  MD022816 Ménière’s Disease Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  M062414 Menopause Women's Health2.00 
  M092815 Menopause: How the Nurse Can Educate About This Important Transition Geriatric Medicine1.00 
  MHD080816 Mental Health Disorders Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  BWB022816 Mental Illness in Black and White: Borderline Personality Disorder Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  MH050715 Mesmerized: Hypnotherapy in Healthcare Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  RIM080316 Mesothelioma Facts and Figures Oncologic Medicine2.00 
  M022816 Methamphetamine: “Going Fast and Going Up!” Substance Abuse1.00 
  MRS100115 Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Advances Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  BPD073015 Might You Have Bipolar Disorder? Psychiatric & Mental Health2.00 
  MHP030716 Migraine Headache: A Primer Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  MH073015 Migraine Headaches Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  MSD030915 Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Death Psychiatric & Mental Health2.00 
  MVC090715 Mitral Valve Conditions Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  MBG021816 Monitoring Blood Glucose Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  L042416 More About Lymphoma Oncologic Medicine1.00 
  MI042416 More on Mental Illness Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  MRI080111 MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging): What Nurses Need To Know Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  MRSA031515 MRSA Infections: Healthcare-Associated (HA) and Community-Associated (CA) Critical Care Medicine4.00 
  MRSA071816 MRSA Update Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  MRSA031915 MRSA: How Healthcare Created A Frankenstein and What's Being Done About It Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  MS042915 Multiple Sclerosis: A Detective Story Critical Care Medicine1.00 
  MG081515 Myasthenia Gravis: An Overview Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  NY-ABUSE-14 N.Y. State: ABCs of Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Maltreatment Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  NB032115 Nail Biting: Who, What, Where, When and Why Pediatric Medicine2.00 
  NAC030915 Natural Alternatives for Childbirth Pain Management3.00 
  NVE073015 Needleless vaccines and Their Efficacy Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  NSL070716 Neonatology: Saving the Tiniest Lives Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  NCD021816 Nephropathy Caused by Diabetes Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  NBAU102716 Neuromuscular Blockade Agents Update Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  JRB081914 Newborn Jaundice and its Relationship with Breastfeeding Peri-Natal Medicine1.00 
  NDSB072115 Non-typical/Deviant Sexual Behavior (Paraphilias) Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  NAT030915 Nurses as Teachers: Understanding How We Learn Professional Issues1.00 
  NE082615 Nurses Empowering Victims of Domestic Violence Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  NN030915 Nursing and Negligence Professional Issues1.00 
  TNC072516 Nursing and Therapeutic Communication Community & Home Health1.00 
  NL080816 Nursing Law Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  CIP041915 Nursing Role for the Critically Ill Patient Critical Care Medicine4.00 
  NS022116 Nursing Shortage Career and Self2.00 
  NES091616 Nutrition & Exercise for Seniors Geriatric Medicine2.00 
  NA022316 Nutrition and Aging Geriatric Medicine1.00 
  NA030716 Nutrition and Aging Geriatric Medicine1.00 
  OBES073015 Obesity Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  OM073015 Obesity & Management Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  OCD030915 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Facts Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  AB092815 Oh My Aching Back! Back-pain and Risk of Injury as an Occupational Hazard for Nurses Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  FS073116 Operating Room Fire Safety Update Perioperative3.00 
  OCW033016 Optimizing Conflict in the Workplace Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  CNA-OR-ABUSE-17 Oregon CNA: Being Aware of Elder Abuse CNAs2.00 
  CNA-OR-BIOTERR-17 Oregon CNA: Bioterrorism Training CNAs2.00 
  CNA-OR-PAIN-17 Oregon CNA: Dealing with Pain CNAs4.00 
  CNA-OR-INFECT-17 Oregon CNA: Discussing Infection Control CNAs2.00 
  CNA-OR-END-17 Oregon CNA: Issues at the End of Life CNAs4.00 
  CNA-OR-RIGHTS-17 Oregon CNA: Looking at the Residents’ Bill of Rights CNAs1.00 
  CNA-OR-DHS-PCT-15 Oregon CNA: Personal Care Training CNAs1.50 
  CNA-OR-ERRORS-17 Oregon CNA: Plain Talk about Medical and Medication Errors CNAs2.00 
  CNA-OR-CHILD-17 Oregon CNA: Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect CNAs4.00 
  CNA-OR-DEMENT-17 Oregon CNA: Talking about Dementia CNAs3.00 
  CNA-OR-HIV-17 Oregon CNA: Update on HIV/AIDS CNAs3.00 
  CNA-OR-DOMESTIC-17 Oregon CNA: Was It Domestic Violence? CNAs2.00 
  OSHA040815 OSHA Annual Update for Health Care Workers Professional Issues2.00 
  O021215 Osteoporosis Women's Health3.00 
  ARD082611 Overview of Acute Renal Disease Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  ODM021816 Overview of Diabetes Medications Pharmacology1.00 
  OM030617 Overview of Mastocytosis Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  P101915 Pacemakers: An Overview Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  PD030915 Pacifiers: The Ongoing Debate Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  PAIN070716 PAIN – the 5th Vital Sign Medical & Surgical Issues4.00 
  PAIN051816 Pain and Pain Management Pain Management2.00 
  MS041615 Pain for Gain – Understanding Munchausen Syndrome and Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  PRML021816 Pain Relief Measures during Labor Women's Health1.00 
  SARS042416 Pandemic Example: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Community & Home Health1.00 
  WCA1042416 Part 1: Wound Care: Assessment, Evaluation and Documentation Perioperative1.00 
  WCA2042416 Part II- Wound Care and Healing Perioperative1.00 
  PS091112 Patient Safety: A Top Priority to Protect Patients and Staff Leadership & Case Management2.00 
  PTM031515 Patient Teaching: Medications Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  PMBG021816 Pattern Management of Blood Glucose Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  PB093015 Pediatric Burns: An Overview Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  PI102014 Pediatric Infusion: A “Use With Care” Medical Miracle Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  PSA030915 Pediatric Sexual Abuse Pediatric Medicine2.00 
  PA-ABUSE-16 Pennsylvania - Child Abuse and Neglect Pediatric Medicine3.00 
  PNB070716 Percutaneous Needle Biopsy: An Overview Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  PCVC082814 Peripheral and Central Venous Catheters Critical Care Medicine2.00 
  PAD082515 Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease – An Update Pain Management1.00 
  CC033016 Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters: An Overview Critical Care Medicine3.00 
  PTH021816 Pharmacologic Therapies for Hypertension and Dyslipidemia in People with Diabetes Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  PAPD021816 Physical Activity and Exercise for People with Diabetes Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  PDP101915 Placental Disease in Pregnancy Women's Health2.00 
  DO021816 Plain Talk about Diabetes and Obesity Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  D042416 Plain Talk About Dwarfism Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  HL080111 Plain Talk: Teaching Patients About Health Literacy Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  POS062514 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A Scary Inheritance Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  POD030915 Post-Operative Delirium: More Common Than We Think Geriatric Medicine1.00 
  OPM111912 Postmenopausal Osteoporosis: Prevention and Management Community & Home Health1.00 
  PCD033016 Pregnancy Complicated by Disease Community & Home Health1.00 
  PPD042416 Pregnancy with Preexisting Diabetes Women's Health1.00 
  PUP032815 Pressure Ulcers Prevention Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CD032815 Prevention of Chronic Disease Community & Home Health1.00 
  PSA082316 Primary (Addison’s disease) and Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency and Adrenal Syndromes Medical & Surgical Issues4.00 
  TLD021816 Principles of Teaching and Learning about Diabetes Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  AL-ETHICS Professionalism, Ethics and Legal Implications for Alabama Nurses Professional Issues1.00 
  PC010317 Prostate Cancer and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Oncologic Medicine2.00 
  PC031915 Prostate Cancer: More Hopeful Than We Thought Oncologic Medicine1.00 
  PU091816 Pseudocyesis Update Women's Health1.00 
  PCU030915 Psoriasis: The Complete Update Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  PAPD042416 Psychosocial Assessment for People with Diabetes Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  PTSD031915 PTSD: Terror in Hiding Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  PFU071416 Pulmonary Fibrosis Updated Medical & Surgical Issues4.00 
  PGS030915 Purple Glove Syndrome – Check for Recent Phenytoin Administration Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  RPT051414 Rabies: Prophylaxis and Treatment Emergency & Trauma Medicine2.00 
  RDI030915 Rachel's Daughters: How Infertility Impacts Mental Health Women's Health1.00 
  RON071116 Radiation Oncology Nursing & Cancer Oncologic Medicine5.00 
  RDD092011 Rave About Dangerous Drugs Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  CSL060814 Recognizing Benign, Pre-cancerous, & Cancerous Skin Lesions Oncologic Medicine3.00 
  RTD031515 Recognizing Tardive Dyskinesia Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  RA061516 Respiratory Infections Among Adult Outpatients Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  RLS092312 Restless Nights with Restless Leg Syndrome Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  RBS101616 Reviewing Body Systems Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  HQP051315 Reviewing Information on Healthcare Quality Professionals Professional Issues1.50 
  OR-PAIN-15 Reviewing Pain and Pain Management Options (Oregon) Oregon Pain Management6.00 
  RS031515 Reye Syndrome: Children and Aspirin Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  RRF030915 Rhabdomyolysis – Renal Failure Risks when Muscles Meet Kidneys Emergency & Trauma Medicine2.00 
  RVI111209 Right Ventricular Infarction Critical Care Medicine1.00 
  BOC080114 Risks and Etiology of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Oncologic Medicine2.00 
  DD091015 Risky Business: Diabetes and Depression Psychiatric & Mental Health3.00 
  DLAP073015 RNs Delegating and Leading Assistive Personnel Professional Issues1.00 
  RF020415 Role of the Father in Childcare and Child Development Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  PD080416 Rx Drug Use and Abuse Update Substance Abuse3.00 
  SARS090816 SARS Update Community & Home Health1.00 
  SHL082611 Scabies and Head Lice - The Seven Year Itch and Then Some Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  SDV030915 Screening for Domestic Violence Emergency & Trauma Medicine2.00 
  SS040915 Seizing the Seizure: A Comprehensive Review on Epilepsy Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  S100115 Seizures: A Pediatric Perspective Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  SE120615 Self-Expression through Journaling for Health Maintenance Career and Self1.00 
  SLN032115 Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping in Breast Cancer and Malignant Melanoma Oncologic Medicine1.00 
  SNB072516 Sentinel Node Biopsy for Breast Cancer Screening Oncologic Medicine1.00 
  SOA063015 Sex among Older Adults Geriatric Medicine1.00 
  SH080911 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Professional Issues1.00 
  SBS080811 Shaken Baby Syndrome: Accident or Abuse? Peri-Natal Medicine1.00 
  FPR092011 Should the Family be Present During Resuscitation Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  SD071811 Shoulder Dystocia: A Extreme OB Emergency Women's Health1.00 
  SCD101012 Sickle Cell Disease Emergency & Trauma Medicine5.00 
  SPE033016 Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  SC110412 Skin Cancer: What You Need to Know Oncologic Medicine3.00 
  SC092312 Skin Conditions in the Diabetic and General Population Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  SD030915 Skin Deep - Exploring Transdermal Medication Delivery Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  S081515 Smallpox: A Primer Community & Home Health1.00 
  SV073015 Snakebites from Venomous North American Snakes Emergency & Trauma Medicine2.00 
  SC102512 Spirited Children—More of Everything Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  MI-PAIN-15 State of Michigan: Pain Management Pain Management3.00 
  STD040815 STD's and Older Adults – A Growing Concern Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  EJC092011 Still an Enigma: Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  DW110412 Stopping “The Weeping of a Disappointed Womb” Women's Health1.00 
  STR092312 Stress! Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  SHU072016 Subdural Hematomas Update Emergency & Trauma Medicine2.00 
  SID030915 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  S041615 Suicide – Multiple Roles for Caregivers Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  SE092312 Sun Exposure and How it Can Affect Your Health Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  SDC063015 Surgery and the Diabetic Client Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  SR010917 Syphilis: Rates Continuing to Rise Medical & Surgical Issues4.00 
  A021816 Taking A Look At Autism Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  PS033016 Taking a Look at Pap Smears Women's Health1.00 
  BN112112 Taking Another Look at Bulimia Nervosa Women's Health3.00 
  RP033016 Talking About Raynaud’s Phenomenon Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  TTC033016 Talking About Tracheostomy Tube Care Critical Care Medicine1.00 
  BPM033016 Teaching Nurses about Blood Pressure Medications Leadership & Case Management2.00 
  TNE033016 Teaching Nurses about Encopresis Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  LLSD042416 Teaching Persons with Low Literacy Skills about Diabetes Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  TTS021516 Team Training for Safety in Invasive and Operative Procedures Perioperative1.00 
  PSR090215 Techniques for Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Medical & Surgical Issues5.00 
  THSE081412 Teratogens: Harmful Substance Exposure During Pregnancy Peri-Natal Medicine1.00 
  TX-FORENSIC-15 Texas - A Review of Forensic Evidence Collection for the ER Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  TX-AGING-14 Texas - Geriatric Care of Older Adult Geriatric Medicine2.00 
  TX-ETHICS-14 Texas - Nursing Jurisprudence and Ethics for Today Professional Issues3.00 
  GTG082116 The Basics of Genetic Testing and Genetic Diseases Peri-Natal Medicine3.00 
  DR073015 The Basics on Diabetic Retinopathy Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  TCC033016 The Common Cold Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CTS032115 The Complexities of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  DB042616 The Danger of Dog Bites Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  DM031515 The Dangers of Multitasking Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  EDPS033016 The Emergency Department Patient Satisfaction Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  EPT033016 The Experience of Pain among Terminally Ill Leadership & Case Management2.00 
  PP0201415 The Fourth Trimester: The Postpartum Period Women's Health1.00 
  HPA033015 The Hepatitis Profile: A - E Medical & Surgical Issues5.00 
  AS042616 The Hidden Forbidden Problem: Abuse of Seniors Geriatric Medicine1.00 
  XRAY031515 The History of X-Rays Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  GD092815 The Importance of Good Documentation Professional Issues1.00 
  UBD020415 The Kissing Cousins of Mental Health: UniPolar and BiPolar Disorders and Substance Abuse Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  MS091015 The Magic of Sleep Career and Self1.00 
  MMD092815 The Medical Marijuana Debate Substance Abuse1.00 
  MIN032115 The Mentally Ill Nurse in the Workplace Professional Issues1.00 
  MCD050316 The Milestones of Childhood Developmental Pediatric Medicine4.00 
  MT031515 The Multi-taskers of Healthcare: Lasers Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  SA022816 The New Terminology of Substance Abuse: Everything Old is New Again Substance Abuse2.00 
  NP033016 The Nurses Presence Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  NLT030716 The Nursing Leader of Tomorrow Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  NRCT033016 The Nursing Role in Clinical Trials Career and Self2.00 
  MRS051315 The Patient with Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  PO060115 The Prevention and Management of Osteoporosis Women's Health1.00 
  PNE062508 The Professional Nurse in the Role of Educator: Understanding Health Literacy Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  WV111215 The RN and Workplace Violence Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  SS042915 The Skeletal System Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CC040115 The Straight Skinny on Childrens' Car Seats Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  CAD020415 The Terror Within: Childhood Anxiety Disorders Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  MTF070716 The Transgender Individual: Male-to-Female (MTF) and Female-to-Male (FTM) Gender Reassignment Surgery Psychiatric & Mental Health5.00 
  TM030915 Therapeutic Massage: What Nurses Knead To Know Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  DB091015 They're back...Diseases We Thought We'd Eliminate Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  TOS040815 Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: A Controversial Diagnosis Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  TIC070816 Tic Disorders: A Comprehensive Review Medical & Surgical Issues4.00 
  TBD112613 Tick-Borne Diseases of the United States: An Emerging Epidemic Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  T101915 Tinnitus: An Overview Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  TCM030915 Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutrition & Fitness & Complimentary1.00 
  PD092011 Transition Theory; an approach for understanding Perinatal Depression Psychiatric & Mental Health2.00 
  TSE060413 Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (Prion Diseases), Including Classic and Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Medical & Surgical Issues5.00 
  BRB060814 Trauma and Emergency Medicine: Bats and Rat Bites Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  PT4021708 Trauma Care in the Pediatric Patient Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  PHT092815 Treating Osteoporosis with Parathyroid Hormone Therapy Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  TPW112316 Treatment of Plantar Warts - A Step By Step Approach Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  T020516 Tuberculosis – A Review for Healthcare Providers Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  T051315 Tuberculosis: The Airborne Terror Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  TS070716 Turner Syndrome: A Comprehensive Review Peri-Natal Medicine4.00 
  WD112112 Twice As Sad—Women And Depression Women's Health1.00 
  T1DY021816 Type 1 Diabetes in Youth Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  T2DY021816 Type 2 Diabetes in Youth Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  AM033016 Types of Arrhythmias and Medications to Treat Them Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  TMD021816 Types of Mental Disorders Psychiatric & Mental Health2.00 
  UCPR030716 Unconventional Hands Only CPR versus Conventional CPR Community & Home Health1.00 
  FEB092815 Understanding Flesh Eating Bacteria Critical Care Medicine2.00 
  MRI072914 Understanding Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  AOC1083011 Understanding Ourselves as Agents of Change - Part I Career and Self1.00 
  AOC2083011 Understanding Ourselves As Agents of Change - Part II Career and Self1.00 
  PAD033016 Understanding Peripheral Arterial Disease Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  UPD090415 Understanding Personality Disorders Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  PC092011 Understanding Potassium Channels and Relationship to Disease Process Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  URIG033016 Understanding Rabies Immune Globulin Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  USCR021816 Understanding Stem Cell Research Peri-Natal Medicine2.00 
  UH010712 Universal Healthcare in Industrialized Countries Career and Self2.00 
  CD022816 Unlocking the Mystery of Crohn’s Disease Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  SIW081811 Unsafe at Any Speed: Infant Walkers Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  AAAR033016 Update on Asthma with Associated Allergic Rhinitis Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  CADW030716 Update on Coronary Artery Disease in Women Women's Health1.00 
  NDG033016 Update on Exploring Nursing Documentation Guidelines Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  UGB090313 Update on Guillain Barre Syndrome Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  MM090215 Update on Meningococcal Meningitis Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  MH030116 Update on Migraine Headaches Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  UNB041116 Update on Neuromuscular Blockade Agents Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  UCC033016 Update on the Chronic Cough Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  UBN081116 Update: Bulimia Nervosa Women's Health3.00 
  UB070716 Update: Understanding Behavior Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  UT071916 Urinary Tract Infections – To Pee or Not To Pee. That Is The Question! Medical & Surgical Issues5.00 
  VLT092815 Venipuncture for Laboratory Testing Leadership & Case Management1.00 
  SIP020415 Ventilating the Seriously-Ill Patient Critical Care Medicine1.00 
  V111912 Ventilators: How they work Critical Care Medicine1.00 
  VAD090816 Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) Therapy Update Critical Care Medicine5.00 
  VD091015 Vitamin D, the Sunshine Vitamin and Provider of Health Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  VPS080615 VP Shunts Perioperative2.00 
  WMD080816 Weapons of Mass Destruction Emergency & Trauma Medicine1.00 
  HCW042915 Welcome to Their World (The Healthcare World of Toddlers) Pediatric Medicine1.00 
  WV-DIVERSION-15 West Virginia - Discussing Drug Diversion Training Substance Abuse5.00 
  WV-PRESCRIBE-15 West Virginia – About Prescribing Controlled Substances for Pain Pain Management2.00 
  WV-PAINDIAG-15 West Virginia – Diagnosis and Treatment of Pain in Children Pain Management1.00 
  WV-ABUSE-15 West Virginia – Identifying Patients Who Abuse Prescription Pain Pills Substance Abuse2.00 
  WV-PAINMGT-15 West Virginia – Information on Pain and Management Options Pain Management1.00 
  WV-VETERANS-15 West Virginia – Mental Health Conditions Common to Veterans and Their Families Psychiatric & Mental Health2.00 
  WV-ENDLIFE-16 West Virginia: End-of-Life Care Leadership & Case Management2.00 
  CABG033015 What Is A CABG? Perioperative2.00 
  AT033016 What is Acetaminophen Toxicity? Pharmacology1.00 
  WA033016 What is Asbestosis? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  AT070716 What Is Aspirin Therapy? Pharmacology2.00 
  DN021816 What is Diabetic Neuropathy? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  HC030915 What Is Hospice Care? Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  IBS090715 What is IBS? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  LCH033016 What is Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  MR033016 What is Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR)? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  PF070716 What Is Plantar Fasciitis? Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  PC070716 What Is Prostate Cancer? Oncologic Medicine5.00 
  RA033016 What is Rheumatoid Arthritis? Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  HH082515 What Nurses Need to Know about Hereditary Hemochromatosis: Cause, Symptoms, Testing and Treatment Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  RHC033016 What Really Happens with Constipation Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  C031515 What We Know About Chlamydia Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  HIT033016 What You Should Know About Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  NE033016 What’s New with Nursing and Ethics Professional Issues1.00 
  CDIFF042416 What’s to Be Done About C. Diff? Medical & Surgical Issues2.00 
  YH031515 When Its All In Your Head: The Nurse in the Psychiatric Psychiatric & Mental Health2.00 
  BBN102512 When the Nurse is the Bearer of Bad News Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  WS030915 Workplace Stress Psychiatric & Mental Health1.00 
  WV092011 Workplace Violence Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  WM041615 Wound Care and Mangement Medical & Surgical Issues3.00 
  WCA3042416 Wound Care Part III- Product Selection Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  WSS041816 Wrong Site Surgery Perioperative2.00 
  SA021816 You Think It’s Sleep Apnea? Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  ZES022116 Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome Medical & Surgical Issues1.00 
  AEI033016 Zoning in on Alcohol (Ethanol) Intoxication Substance Abuse1.00 


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