Medication Administration Routes
This course provides foundational knowledge on medication administration practices for nurses. It covers essential concepts and principles, as well as nursing implications for the most common routes of medication administration necessary to ensure safe and effective medication delivery in clinical settings. Additionally, the course addresses tips for patient education and safety.

Course Publication Date: April 09, 2024

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Course No:MEDADMIN-24
Contact Hours:1.00
Delivery Method:Online Self Study
Learning Objectives
  • State two benefits of administering medication orally.

  • Discuss how to prevent aspiration when administering medication via a gastrostomy tube.

  • Compare the differences between topical and transdermal medication administration.

  • Describe the four types of parenteral medication administration.

  • Name the four most common sites for intramuscular injections.

  • List two differences between intermittent and continuous intravenous infusion types.


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