Amnesia to Alternate Identities: Dissociative Disorders
The purpose of this course is to present a review of the diagnosis termed dissociative disorder. This course will increase the readers overall knowledge of this very serious psychiatric disorder. Symptoms of the disorder will be outlined and treatment modalities presented.

Course Publication Date: January 07, 2019

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Author:Tamara Weaver RN
Course No:AIDD123018
Contact Hours:2.00
Delivery Method:Online Self Study
Category:Geriatric Medicine
Leadership & Case Management
Medical & Surgical Issues
Psychiatric & Mental Health
Learning Objectives
  • Be aware of the three current subtypes of Dissociative Disorders; how each is different in symptoms and treatment.
  • Understand Psychiatry’s current beliefs (and disbeliefs) about the origins and classification of Dissociative Disorders.
  • Be aware of other medical conditions that can mimic the symptoms of Dissociative Disorders.
  • Be able to identify the DSM-V characteristics that are required to make a diagnosis of Dissociative Disorder.
  • To understand which current modes of treatment for each are considered most effective.


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