Are We Doing “Right” by our Toddlers?
Healthcare Practitioners will study and absorb this incredibly important growth period that determines much of the toddlers’ life into adulthood. The association of proper care for our toddlers’, results in healthy, happy, empathetic and caring adults destined as our future.

Course Publication Date: January 09, 2019

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Author:Tamara Weaver RN
Course No:RT123018
Contact Hours:1.00
Category:Medical & Surgical Issues
Pediatric Medicine
Peri-Natal Medicine
Learning Objectives
  • Gain insight into the critical growth period of a toddler
  • Comprehend the basics of sustaining best health care practices for toddlers.
  • Recognize the normal parameters of toddler growth and development.
  • Develop interventions effective in maintaining safety of the toddler at all times


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