Diseases Spread by Ticks, including Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis, Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Others
The purpose of this course is to outline the incidence, transmission, symptoms, treatment, and preventive methods related to tick-borne diseases in the United States.

Course Publication Date: March 06, 2019

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Author:Wanda Lockwood RN, BA, MA
Course No:DST022019
Contact Hours:5.00
Delivery Method:Online Self Study
Category:Community & Home Health
Critical Care Medicine
Emergency & Trauma Medicine
Medical & Surgical Issues
Pediatric Medicine
Learning Objectives
  • List 3 distinct life stages of hard ticks.
  • List 11 tick-borne diseases.
  • Discuss methods to prevent tick bites.
  • Explain the method for removing a feeding tick.
  • Discuss the symptoms and treatment for babesiosis.
  • Describe the treatment for ehrlichiosis.
  • Discuss possibilities of co-infection with human anaplasmosis.
  • Describe the symptoms related to different stages of Lyme disease.
  • List treatment options for Lyme disease.
  • Discuss the classic triad of symptoms related to Rocky Mountains spotted fever.
  • Explain the difference between Lyme disease and Southern tick-associated rash illness (STARI).
  • List 3 methods of transmission of Q fever.
  • List and discuss 6 types of tularemia.
  • Explain what is meant by an arbovirus.
  • Explain beginning and advanced symptoms of Powassan encephalitis.
  • Describe Phase I and Phase II of the fever cycles related to Colorado tick fever.
  • Describe the series of phases that are collectively known as a crisis in tick-borne relapsing fever.


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