Guide to Stem Cell Transplantation
The purpose of this course is to explain the different types of stem cells (embryonic, adult, and umbilical), their uses, methods of saving/donating, and future potential.

Course Publication Date: May 03, 2019

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Author:Wanda Lockwood RN, BA, MA
Course No:SCT050219
Contact Hours:3.00
Delivery Method:Online Self Study
Category:Medical & Surgical Issues
Peri-Natal Medicine
Learning Objectives
  • Explain properties of stem cells.
  • Describe 3 donor sources.
  • Discuss tissue matching.
  • Explain the steps to developing and harvesting embryonic/placental stem cells.
  • Explain the difference between embryonic stem cells and embryonic germ stem cells.
  • Discuss ethical issues related to using embryonic stem cells for research/treatment.
  • Explain the development and location of adult stem cells.
  • Explain two methods of obtaining hematopoietic adult stem cells.
  • Discuss induced pluripotent stem cells and somatic cell nuclear transfer.
  • List and explain at least 4 advantages to umbilical cord blood transplantations.
  • Discuss the difference between donating and saving umbilical cord blood.
  • Discuss future directions for stem cell research.


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