Maintenance of Core Body Temperature While in the Operating Room
The goal of this course is to inform the nurse of the need to maintain accurate temperature monitoring of patients during the surgical process. The maintenance of core body temperature is imperative to insure safe and proper care of patients undergoing major surgical procedures. Core body temperature maintenance may also reduce the chance for infection and promote better wound healing. To prevent burn injuries to patients, various devices will be discussed which may insure the maintenance of optimum core body temperature as well as the delivery of temperature controlled irrigation solutions.

Course Publication Date: May 03, 2019

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Author:Denise L. Gray RN, MAS, BSN, CCM
Course No:CBT050319
Contact Hours:1.00
Delivery Method:Online Self Study
Category:Critical Care Medicine
Emergency & Trauma Medicine
Leadership & Case Management
Medical & Surgical Issues
Learning Objectives
  • Discuss the basic physics of heat transfer with regard to patient’s core temperature during the utilization of anesthesia.
  • Define patient safety considerations regarding the utilization of fluid and blanket warming devices.
  • Identify the benefits of maintaining normothermia during the operative phase of patient care.
  • List the available devices which insure normothermia is maintained for the patient during the surgical process.


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