Update on Interstitial Cystitis
Interstitial cystitis [IC] is a poorly understood, chronic, and potentially disabling disease of the urinary bladder, characterized by pelvic and perineal pain, urinary urgency and frequency, nocturia, and a constant sensation of the urge to void. While some patients experience extended periods of remission, and others are able to manage their symptoms with prescribed treatment, for some, symptoms persist and are unresponsive to any intervention. It is estimated that there are 700,000 cases of IC in the United States. This article will present an overview of interstitial cystitis, including theories about etiology, characteristic symptoms and diagnostic criteria, available treatment strategies and expected outcomes.

Course Publication Date: June 26, 2019

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Author:Alison Palmer RN, BSN
Course No:UIC061019
Contact Hours:2.00
Delivery Method:Online Self Study
Category:Community & Home Health
Emergency & Trauma Medicine
Geriatric Medicine
Leadership & Case Management
Medical & Surgical Issues
Pain Management
Women's Health
Learning Objectives
  • Differentiate between the two types of interstitial cystitis [IC].
  • Identify signs and symptoms characteristic of IC.
  • Give examples of theories about the etiology of IC.
  • Summarize treatment strategies available for IC.
  • Discuss expected outcomes for IC.


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