Bringing Domestic Violence to Light
At the end of this course the nurse will recognize potential abusers and victims of domestic violence with a greater understanding of the victim’s mindset. The nurse will be able to use hospital resources and knowledge to aid the victims of domestic violence so they can survive and ultimately find a way out.

Course Publication Date: August 09, 2019

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Author:Alison Palmer RN, BSN
Course No:BDV071619
Contact Hours:2.00
Delivery Method:Online Self Study
Category:Community & Home Health
Emergency & Trauma Medicine
Leadership & Case Management
Medical & Surgical Issues
Pediatric Medicine
Women's Health
Learning Objectives
  • Learn the nature of domestic violence.
  • Familiarize self with the common signs of abusers and victims
  • Help victims who stay with abusers.
  • What do I say to the victim?
  • Dealing with frustration of the victim who won’t leave.
  • The victim is leaving the abuser.
  • The environment of self-defense.
  • Beginning a new life for the victim/abuser.


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