ECG Course Unit 7 – Ventricular Rhythms
This course reviews rhythms originating from the ventricular conduction system and/or irritable foci within the ventricular tissue. Specific rhythm characteristics, causes of, hemodynamic consequences of, and treatment modalities are addressed.

Course Publication Date: November 01, 2019

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Author:Deborah Borelli R.N., CCRN-K, M.S.N.
Course No:ECG7102819
Contact Hours:1.00
Delivery Method:Online Self Study
Category:Medical & Surgical Issues
Learning Objectives
  • Identify cardiac rhythms with the ventricles/Purkinje system as the locus of stimulation.
  • List ECG characteristics of selected ventricular rhythms.
  • List causes of selected ventricular rhythms.
  • Discuss hemodynamic effects of selected ventricular dysrhythmias.
  • Discuss treatment modalities for selected ventricular dysrhythmias.


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