Florida – Recognizing and Reporting Workplace Impairment
This course satisfies the requirement mandated by the Florida Board of Nursing on recognizing and reporting workplace impairment. Signs of substance-related workplace impairment are reviewed, and strategies for reporting nurse impairment are addressed. and intervention are addressed. Steps in reporting suspected impairment in nursing practice to the Florida Department of Health and/or the Florida Intervention Project for Nurses are summarized.

Course Publication Date: June 30, 2020

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Author:Deborah Borelli R.N., CCRN-K, M.S.N.
Contact Hours:2.00
Delivery Method:Online Self Study
Category:Professional Issues
Leadership & Case Management
Substance Abuse
Learning Objectives
  • Define substance abuse disorder.

  • Identify common substances that are misused or abused by nurses.

  • List factors that contribute to the likelihood of substance use disorder and addiction.

  • Identify behavioral and physical signs of impairment in the workplace.

  • Identify work-related methods of drug diversion.

  • Evaluate the impact of nurse impairment on patient care.

  • Recall elements of Florida’s mandatory reporting law for impaired nurses.

  • Summarize the Intervention Program for Nurses (IPN) and treatment programs available for impaired nurses.

  • List steps in reporting suspected impairment of a colleague.


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