Cardiac Medications Updated 2020
The purpose of this course is to list the numerous classes of cardiac medications and explain how each class is utilized in the treatment of various types of cardiac disease. Medications from each class will be highlighted with benefits and risks associated with each medication explained in detail.

Course Publication Date: July 21, 2020

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Author:Gloria Tartaglia RN
Course No:CM072120
Contact Hours:5.00
Delivery Method:Online Self Study
Learning Objectives
  • List ten different classes of cardiac medications.

  • Name one medication from each class of cardiac medications.

  • Identify beneficial action of medication in each class of cardiac medications.

  • Explain ten benefits of cardiac medication.

  • State side effects of each class of cardiac medications.

  • List contraindications with other medications in each class of cardiac medications.

  • Identify heart conditions and appropriate intervention utilizing cardiac medications.


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