Analyzing Cardiac Rhythms: 7 Steps to Simplicity
This course will guide the student through the analysis of cardiac rhythms using a seven step process. Taking a systematic approach simplifies the process and improves accuracy during rhythm determination. This course focuses on rhythms originating from the Sinoatrial Node (SA node). Rhythm characteristics, causes and treatment are also addressed.

Course Publication Date: October 01, 2022

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Author:Daphne Bremner
Course No:ECG3-22
Contact Hours:1.00
Delivery Method:Online Self Study
Category:Medical & Surgical Issues
Learning Objectives
  • Recall seven steps in analyzing cardiac rhythm strips.

  • Identify cardiac rhythms originating from the sinoatrial node.

  • List causes of selected sinus rhythms.

  • Recall normal measurement parameters for ECG complexes

  • Recall possible treatments of selected sinus dysrhythmias.


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