Hyperbaric Oxygen and Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
The purpose of this course is to provide updated information about current uses of the hyperbaric therapy, including both systemic and topical hyperbaric oxygen treatment as well as the use of portable devices used for altitude sickness and off-label therapy, such as for autism.

Course Publication Date: October 16, 2022

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Author:Wanda Lockwood RN, BA, MA
Course No:HOT0722
Contact Hours:5.00
Delivery Method:Online Self Study
Advanced Preparation:and preservation of compromised skin grafts (excluding artificial skin grafts).
Category:Critical Care Medicine
Emergency & Trauma Medicine
Leadership & Case Management
Medical & Surgical Issues
Pain Management
Learning Objectives
  • Provide a brief history of hyperbaric therapy.

  • Explain the procedures for use of systemic hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

  • Explain the difference between single chambers and multiplace chambers.

  • List and briefly explain the 3 gas laws that apply to systemic HBOT.

  • Explain at least 5 physiological effects of systemic HBOT.

  • Describe complications that may result from systemic HBOT.

  • List absolute and relative contraindications for HBOT.

  • Explain the difference in symptoms between compression sickness and arterial/intravascular gas embolism.

  • Explain treatment for decompression illness.

  • List at least 6 different other uses for systemic HBOT.

  • List at least 4 types of materials that are not allowed in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

  • Explain how portable hyperbaric chambers are used to treat altitude sickness.

  • Describe the symptoms and treatment for acute mountain sickness (AMS), high altitude cerebral edema (HACE), and high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE).

  • Explain how hyperbaric therapy is used to treat autism.

  • Explain the difference between systemic hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and topical hyperbaric oxygen therapy (THOT).

  • List at least 5 conditions for which THOT is used.

  • Explain the typical regimen for treatment with THOT.

  • Explain how the Department of Defence, Homeland Security, and the military are using or plan to use THOT.


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