Florida - Recognizing and Reporting Workplace Impairment
This course satisfies the requirement mandated by the Florida Board of Nursing on recognizing and reporting workplace impairment. Signs of substance-related workplace impairment are reviewed, and strategies for reporting nurse impairment are addressed. Steps in reporting suspected impairment in nursing practice to the Florida Department of Health and/or the Florida Intervention Project for Nurses are summarized.

Course Publication Date: November 07, 2022

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Author:Adrianne Avillion D.Ed., RN
Contact Hours:2.00
Delivery Method:Online Self Study
Advanced Preparation:and Dispensing *7
Learning Objectives
  • Define terms related to drug misuse and abuse.

  • Discuss the diagnostic criteria for substance use disorder.

  • Summarize the stages of addiction.

  • Identify common substances that are misused or abused by nurses.

  • Identify behavioral and physical signs of impairment in the workplace.

  • Discuss legal and ethical issues related to nurse impairment.

  • Identify work-related methods of drug diversion.

  • Describe elements of Florida’s mandatory reporting law for impaired nurses.

  • Summarize the Intervention Program for Nurses (IPN) and treatment programs available for impaired nurses.

  • Describe the reporting process when a nurse is suspected of being impaired.


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