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  HCA-INFECTION-20 Controlling Infection: A Nursing Assistant Perspective 1.00 
  HCA-COUGH-20 HCA: Clients With A Chronic Cough 1.00 
  HCA-LIVINGNEEDS-20 HCA: A Client’s Daily Living Needs 1.00 
  HCA-HEALTHSAFETY-20 HCA: ABCs of Basic Health and Safety 1.00 
  HCA-ELDERABUSE-20 HCA: All About Elder Abuse and Neglect 1.00 
  HCA-BREAST-20 HCA: Breast Cancer 1.00 
  HCA-ALCOHOL-19 HCA: Caring for Alcoholic Clients 1.00 
  HCA-ALLERGIES-20 HCA: Clients with Allergies 1.00 
  HCA-ASTHMA-20 HCA: Clients with Asthma 0.00 
  HCA-CONSTIPATION-20 HCA: Clients with Constipation 1.00 
  HCA-DEMENTIA-20 HCA: Clients with Dementia 2.00 
  HCA-COMCOG-19 HCA: Communicating with Cognitively Impaired Clients 1.00 
  HCA-SYSTEMS-20 HCA: Discussing Body Systems 2.00 
  HCA-CELIAC-20 HCA: Discussing Celiac Disease 1.00 
  HCA-RESRIGHTS-20 HCA: Discussing Residents Rights 1.00 
  HCA-COLDS-20 HCA: Does Your Client Have a Cold? 1.00 
  HCA-SELFMED-20 HCA: How to Help Clients with Their Medications 1.00 
  HCA-HIVAIDS-19 HCA: Talking about HIV/AIDS 3.00 
  HCA-INFECTL-20 HCA: Talking about Infection Control 1.00 
  HCA-PCARE-19 HCA: Talking about Personal Care Training 1.00 
  HCA-HEPATITIS-19 HCA: What is Hepatitis? 2.00 
  LGBT121118 LGBT Individuals and Healthcare 2.00 
  HCA-EMERGENCY-20 Update on Emergency Procedures for the Nursing Assistant 1.00 


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