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  CF041019 Accepting the Concept of Compassion Fatigue 1.00 
  AFH-PCARE-19 AFH: Talking about Personal Care Training 1.00 
  CNA-TRAFFICKING-24 CNA: What about Human Trafficking? 2.00 
  CNA-COGIMPAIR-24 CNA: When Your Patient is Cognitively Impaired 3.00 
  DPC120919 Dementia Patient: Communication 1.00 
  CEL0722 End of Life Care 2.00 
  FIA122319 Fecal Incontinence in Adults 1.00 
  HCA-INFECTL-20 HCA: Talking about Infection Control 1.00 
  HC051319 Hospice Care 3.00 
  PHD121019 If Your Patient Has Dementia 3.00 
  INHA100819 Inhalant Abuse Update 1.00 
  DOA120919 Older Adults with Diabetes 1.00 
  UNA052720 Update on Nutrition and Aging 1.00 


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