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  SA042220 About Substance Abuse 2.00 
  AGP052720 Alcohol Use in the Geriatric Population 1.00 
  AA042320 All About Alcoholism 2.00 
  BBP050319 Bloodborne Pathogens 1.00 
  BS042320 Bodybuilding and Steroid Use 1.00 
  DDR052720 Dangerous Drugs at RAVES 2.00 
  AI041920 Discussing Alcohol Intoxication 1.00 
  PPM041820 Discussing Pain and Pain Management 6.00 
  END-21 Effective Nursing Documentation 4.00 
  END052820 Exploring Nursing Documentation 1.00 
  FL-IMPAIRMENT-20 Florida – Recognizing and Reporting Workplace Impairment 2.00 
  HUD052118 Hand in Hand: Unipolar/Bipolar Disorders along with Substance Abuse 1.00 
  INHA100819 Inhalant Abuse Update 1.00 
  MM020618 Medical Marijuana: Helpful or Dangerous 1.00 
  NCD080420 Nursing Clinical Documentation 1.00 
  AKD0520 Rhabdomyolysis – Suspecting and Managing this Acute Kidney Disorder 2.00 
  SAU123018 Substance Abuse Update 2.00 
  ARP042320 Talking about Alcohol and Related Problems 3.00 
  SS072520 The Need to Stop Smoking 1.00 
  ICS061621 Understanding and Improving Communication Styles 3.00 
  CT041820 Update on Aspects of Clinical Trials 2.00 
  UCA122319 Update on Cocaine Addiction 1.00 
  UMM052720 Update on Medical Marijuana 1.00 
  WV-DIVERSION-21 West Virginia: All About Drug Diversion Training 5.00 
  WV-ABUSE-21 West Virginia: Discussing Patients Who Abuse Prescription Pain Pills 1.00 
  WNS071718 Why the Need for Speed?-Understanding Meth 1.00 


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