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  CNA-COUGH-16 CNA: If Your Patient Has a Chronic Cough 1.00 
  CNA-GASTRO-17 CNA: ABCs of Gastrointestinal Emergencies 1.00 
  CNA-PLASTIC-16 CNA: ABCs of Plastic Surgery 1.00 
  CNA-DV-15 CNA: About Domestic Violence 3.00 
  CNA-D2-15 CNA: About Type 2 Diabetes in Youth 2.00 
  CNA-LYME-17 CNA: All About Lyme Disease 1.00 
  CNA-SELFMED-15 CNA: Assisting with Self-Medication 2.00 
  CNA-DMU-15 CNA: Basic Mastocytosis Update 1.00 
  CNA-HEPATITIS-17 CNA: Basics about Hepatitis 2.00 
  CNA-BCT-15 CNA: Basics on Biological Complementary Therapies in Diabetes 1.00 
  CNA-ELDERABUSE-16 CNA: Being Aware of Elder Abuse 1.00 
  CNA-DIABETES-16 CNA: Care of the Hospitalized Patient with Diabetes 1.00 
  CNA-ASTHMA-16 CNA: Caring for Patients with Asthma 1.00 
  CNA-ALCOHOL-16 CNA: Caring for the Patient with Alcoholism 1.00 
  CNA-COGNITIVE-15 CNA: Communicating with Cognitively Impaired Clients 3.00 
  CNA-OCW-15 CNA: Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace 1.00 
  CNA-HBS-15 CNA: Dealing with Hyperglycemia 1.00 
  CNA-DSD-15 CNA: Describing Diabetes Sick-Day & Surgery Management 1.00 
  CNA-HYPO-15 CNA: Describing Hypoglycemia 1.00 
  CNA-PAPSMEAR-17 CNA: Describing the Pap Smear 1.00 
  CNA-LUPUS-17 CNA: Details about Lupus 1.00 
  CNA-DWA-15 CNA: Diagnosis and Treatment of Asbestosis 1.00 
  CNA-MTHFR-15 CNA: Diagnosis and Treatment of MTHFR 2.00 
  CNA-SYSTEMS-16 CNA: Discussing Body Systems 2.00 
  CNA-DOA-15 CNA: Discussing Diabetes in Older Adults 2.00 
  CNA-MD-15 CNA: Discussing Macrovascular Disease and Diabetes 1.00 
  CNA-PAD-17 CNA: Discussing Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) 1.00 
  CNA-PPD-16 CNA: Discussing Pregnancy with Pre-existing Diabetes 1.00 
  CNA-MEDERROR-16 CNA: Errors in Healthcare and Medications 2.00 
  CNA-DNR-15 CNA: Explaining Doctor-Nurse Relationships 1.00 
  CNA-BCD-16 CNA: Exploring Behavior Change in Diabetes 1.00 
  CNA-CELIAC-16 CNA: Exploring Celiac Disease 1.00 
  CNA-DN-16 CNA: Exploring Diabetic Neuropathy 1.00 
  CNA-MRSA-17 CNA: Exploring MRSA 1.00 
  CNA-FCT-15 CNA: Facts about Cancer Treatments 3.00 
  CNA-PAPD-15 CNA: Fundamentals of Physical Activity for People with Diabetes 2.00 
  CNA-CPR-17 CNA: Guidelines for CPR 2.00 
  CNA-NUTR-15 CNA: Guidelines for Medical Nutrition Therapy for People with Diabetes 1.00 
  CNA-SAFETY-16 CNA: Health and Safety 1.00 
  CNA-DEMENTIA-16 CNA: Helping Your Patient with Dementia 2.00 
  CNA-E-15 CNA: Helping Your Patient with Emphysema 1.00 
  CNA-INFECTION-16 CNA: Here’s The Latest on Infection Control 1.00 
  CNA-ALLERGY-16 CNA: If Your Patient Has Allergies 1.00 
  CNA-CONSTIP-16 CNA: If Your Patient Is Constipated 1.00 
  CNA-COLD-16 CNA: If Your Patient is Dealing with a Cold 1.00 
  CNA-PRMDL-15 CNA: Information about Labor and Pain Relief 1.00 
  CNA-CHRONS-17 CNA: Is It Crohn’s Disease? 1.00 
  CNA-LYMPH-16 CNA: Is It Lymphoma? 1.00 
  CNA-ENDOFLIFE-16 CNA: Issues at the End of Life 4.00 
  CNA-ETHICS-17 CNA: Looking at Nursing Ethics 1.00 
  CNA-PTSD-15 CNA: Looking at Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 1.00 
  CNA-POSTPARTUM-17 CNA: Looking at Postpartum Mood Disturbances 1.00 
  CNA-BREAST-16 CNA: More about Breast Cancer 1.00 
  CNA-RIG-15 CNA: More About Rabies Immune Globulin 1.00 
  CNA-THY-16 CNA: More about Thyroid Disorders 2.00 
  CNA-HIVAIDS-16 CNA: Overview of HIV/AIDS 3.00 
  CNA-D1-15 CNA: Overview of Type 1 Diabetes in Youth 2.00 
  CNA-PAINMGT-16 CNA: Pain and Pain Management 3.00 
  CNA-PERSCARE-15 CNA: Personal Care Training 1.50 
  CNA-DWARF-16 CNA: Plain Talk about Dwarfism 2.00 
  CNA-CHILD-16 CNA: Problems Related to Child Abuse & Neglect 3.00 
  CNA-RIGHTS-16 CNA: Residents Rights 1.00 
  CNA-LAW-16 CNA: Reviewing Nursing Law 1.00 
  CNA-LP-16 CNA: So You Think It’s Lichen Planus 1.00 
  CNA-BIO-16 CNA: Talk about Bioterrorism 2.00 
  CNA-DKD-15 CNA: Talking about Diabetic Nephropathy 1.00 
  CNA-PRESENCE-17 CNA: Talking about the CNAs Presence 1.00 
  CNA-GREIVING-16 CNA: The Grieving Process 2.00 
  CNA-LCH-15 CNA: Understanding Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) 1.00 
  CNA-SHOCK-17 CNA: Update on Shock 1.00 
  CNA-WEAPONS-17 CNA: Update on Weapons of Mass Destruction 1.00 
  CNA-DR-15 CNA: What is Diabetic Retinopathy? 1.00 
  CNA-MASTOCYTOSIS-17 CNA: What Is Mastocytosis? 2.00 
  CNA-PMBS-15 CNA: What is Pattern Management of Blood Sugar? 1.00 
  CNA-BIPOLAR-17 CNA: What to Know About Bipolar Disorder 2.00 
  CNA-OD-15 CNA: What to Know About Diabetes and Obesity 1.00 
  CNA-CBS-15 CNA: Why You Should Check Blood Sugar 2.00 
  CNA-OR-ABUSE-17 Oregon CNA: Being Aware of Elder Abuse 2.00 
  CNA-OR-BIOTERR-17 Oregon CNA: Bioterrorism Training 2.00 
  CNA-OR-PAIN-17 Oregon CNA: Dealing with Pain 4.00 
  CNA-OR-INFECT-17 Oregon CNA: Discussing Infection Control 2.00 
  CNA-OR-END-17 Oregon CNA: Issues at the End of Life 4.00 
  CNA-OR-RIGHTS-17 Oregon CNA: Looking at the Residents’ Bill of Rights 1.00 
  CNA-OR-DHS-PCT-15 Oregon CNA: Personal Care Training 1.50 
  CNA-OR-ERRORS-17 Oregon CNA: Plain Talk about Medical and Medication Errors 2.00 
  CNA-OR-CHILD-17 Oregon CNA: Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect 4.00 
  CNA-OR-DEMENT-17 Oregon CNA: Talking about Dementia 3.00 
  CNA-OR-HIV-17 Oregon CNA: Update on HIV/AIDS 3.00 
  CNA-OR-DOMESTIC-17 Oregon CNA: Was It Domestic Violence? 2.00 


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