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  CR030714 A Codependent Relationship: Obesity and Diabetes 1.00 
  M040212 A Healing Touch: The Therapeutic Benefits of Massage 1.00 
  O030112 ABC's of Obesity 2.00 
  PF082712 ABC's of Plantar Fasciitis 3.00 
  ASM020612 ABCs of Aging, Sleep, and Medications 3.00 
  CS090313 About Cosmetic Surgery 1.00 
  ACL090313 ACL Tears and Treatments 1.00 
  ACC011512 Acupuncture 1.00 
  ASR081412 Aging Skin Reversal: Unique and Exciting Opportunities to Consider in Cosmetic Nursing 1.00 
  ANE012312 Aging: Nutrition and Exercise 2.00 
  BS091112 An Overview of Bariatic Surgery Treatment and Care 2.00 
  NP111610 An Overview of Neurolinguistic Programming 1.00 
  TCM071211 An Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1.00 
  A070611 Ayurveda: An Ancient System of Healing 1.00 
  BCT111912 Basics of Biological Complementary Therapies in Diabetes 1.00 
  BNF030112 Basics of Nutrition and Fitness 3.00 
  BM031714 Behavioral Medicine: Our Changing View of What Health Means 1.00 
  B080111 Breathwork - A Way to Enhance Health and Well-Being 1.00 
  COP092312 Childhood Obesity: Prevention and Treatment 1.00 
  CAM090313 Complementary and Alternative Medicine Update for Healthcare Workers 1.00 
  CAT123011 Complementary and Alternative Therapies 1.00 
  AN070611 Complexities and Complications of Anorexia Nervosa 2.00 
  CAD052913 Coronary Artery Disease in Women 1.00 
  DC040212 Deterrents Against Cancer- Available Choices 1.00 
  DSU020313 Documentation Skills Update 4.00 
  CS020313 Enhance Your Communication Skills 4.00 
  DNR040212 Facts about Doctor-Nurse Relationships 1.00 
  ND030112 Facts About Nursing Documentation 2.00 
  PPD020612 Facts about Pregnancy with Preexisting Diabetes 1.00 
  SDA120113 Health and Wellness: the Spiritual Dimension in Aging 1.00 
  H031214 Helping Your Patient with Hypoglycemia 1.00 
  HM060313 Herbal Medications 1.00 
  HN010712 Holistic Nursing in Professional Practice 1.00 
  HGH020313 Human Growth Hormone: The Long And Short Of It 3.00 
  H010912 Hypnotherapy in Health Care 1.00 
  RCR020313 Identifying and Reducing Cardiovascular Risk 1.00 
  AM090313 Is Alternative Medicine Finally Respectable? 2.00 
  LCD062413 Low Carbohydrate Diets: Do They Work? 1.00 
  MYD030111 Meditation, Yoga, and Diet: Lifestyle choices for Health 2.00 
  NAP112613 Nutrition's Effect on the Aging Process 1.00 
  O010712 Osteoporosis: Risk Factors, Assessment, and Management 2.00 
  DT1031214 Plain Talk about Type 1 2.00 
  MN031214 Promoting the Effectiveness of Medical Nutrition Therapy 1.00 
  FAI053011 Sports Medicine: Foot and Ankle Injuries (Illustrated). 5.00 
  DT2031214 Taking Another Look at Type 2 2.00 
  AP090313 The Aging Process and the Diet 1.00 
  GD071513 The Importance of Good Documentation 1.00 
  CBC031214 The Myths and Realities of Checking Blood Glucose 2.00 
  ED031214 Understanding the Importance of Exercise for Diabetics 2.00 
  BSA0221412 Update on Bodybuilding and Steroid Abuse 2.00 
  EA030614 Update on Exercise and Aging – Maintaining Physical Function in Later Years 1.00 
  WL071713 Weight Loss Medications: An Overview 1.00 
  FI092312 What is Foodborne Illness? 1.00 
  TDH041414 Why Treat Dyslipidemia & Hypertension in Diabetics? 1.00 
  DD031214 Zoning In On Diabetes Devices 2.00 

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