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  PCD022412 A Review of Pregnancy Complicated by Disease 2.00 
  CAN092312 ABC's of Care and Assessment of Newborns in NICU 3.00 
  A071111 Aging Before Your Eyes: Progeria Syndromes 2.00 
  A120812 Albinism: Classification, Complications, and Management. 4.00 
  MMP092312 All about Major Medical Problems of Newborns in NICU 4.00 
  RSV010914 An RSV Overview 1.00 
  M092011 Are You Giving Medications as Ordered? 1.00 
  ACD060513 Avoiding Communicable Diseases with Immunization: CDC Recommendations 2.00 
  BP010712 Bloodborne Pathogens 101 1.00 
  BHS092011 Breath-Holding Spells 1.00 
  CP040212 Childbirth: Non-Pharmacological Interventions for Pain 4.00 
  CI071113 Childhood Immunizations: 2013 Guidelines 1.00 
  C101012 Chlamydia: The World's Most Common STD 1.00 
  C072011 Circumcision: A Controversial Surgery 1.00 
  DAV022414 Demystifying Adenovirus 1.00 
  DSD081412 Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) and Gender Identity Disorder (GID) 4.00 
  DIC120613 Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation in the Pregnant Patient 1.00 
  DSU020313 Documentation Skills Update 4.00 
  EP040212 Ectopic Pregnancy: An Overview 1.00 
  CS020313 Enhance Your Communication Skills 4.00 
  EPC071613 Episiotomy Pros and Cons 1.00 
  AP030112 Facts About Abnormalities of Pregnancy 2.00 
  DNR040212 Facts about Doctor-Nurse Relationships 1.00 
  ND030112 Facts About Nursing Documentation 2.00 
  FAS092011 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 1.00 
  FX083012 Fragile X Associated Disorders: FXS, FXTAS, and FXPOI 2.00 
  GTB090313 Genetic Testing: The Basics 3.00 
  GH042712 Genetics: History, Basics, Patterns, Testing, and Uses 5.00 
  GD021814 Gestational Diabetes 1.00 
  PA111912 Group Prenatal Care for Pregnant Adolescents 1.00 
  HH091608 Hand Hygiene: What Healthcare Workers Need to Know 2.00 
  HDP020612 Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy 2.00 
  IC071111 Infant Colic – How Can I Help? 2.00 
  BSF081811 Introducing Baby to Solid Foods 1.00 
  IV072011 IV Therapy - The Legal Considerations 1.00 
  NS112613 Neonatology Saving our Tiniest and Most Vulnerable Patients 3.00 
  NJ071111 Newborn Jaundice and Breastfeeding 1.00 
  P012312 Pacifiers: The Ongoing Debate 1.00 
  PS062413 Pediatric Seizures 1.00 
  PMD042712 Postpartum Mood Disturbances 1.00 
  PL121313 Preterm Labor Management 1.00 
  PME101512 Preventing Pediatric Medication Errors 1.00 
  PRM041414 Reviewing Information on Pain Relief Measures During Labor 1.00 
  SBS080811 Shaken Baby Syndrome: Accident or Abuse? 1.00 
  SD071811 Shoulder Dystocia: A Extreme OB Emergency 1.00 
  SIDS012312 SIDS Prevention 1.00 
  SC123011 Stem cells: Embryonic, Adult, and Umbilical Cord/Placental 3.00 
  THSE081412 Teratogens: Harmful Substance Exposure During Pregnancy 1.00 
  GD071513 The Importance of Good Documentation 1.00 
  CT040212 The Nursing Role in Clinical Trials 3.00 
  SMS060413 The Silent Mystery: Stillbirths 2.00 
  PD092011 Transition Theory; an approach for understanding Perinatal Depression 2.00 
  TS020613 Turner Syndrome: Complications and Treatment Approaches 4.00 
  CA101512 Update on Congenital Anomalies 1.00 
  VB031714 Vaginal Birth after a C-Section 1.00 
  CT112210 Welcome to Caring for Toddlers 1.00 
  MTHFR111912 What is MTHFR? 2.00 
  DIC120812 When Birth Becomes Potentially Lethal: Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation 1.00 

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