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  ARP022412 A Review of Alcohol and Related Problems 4.00 
  CA120113 About Cocaine Addiction 1.00 
  AI040212 Alcohol (Ethanol) Intoxication 1.00 
  AOA052913 Alcoholism in the Older Adult: An Overview 1.00 
  BDA121010 All About Bipolar, Depression and Alcoholism 1.00 
  M092011 Are You Giving Medications as Ordered? 1.00 
  BP010712 Bloodborne Pathogens 101 1.00 
  CP070913 Chronic Pain: The Mind Body Connection 2.00 
  CM012114 Crystal Meth - Poor Man's Cocaine 1.00 
  SFA041414 Do You Suffer From Alcoholism? 2.00 
  DSU020313 Documentation Skills Update 4.00 
  DRN072011 Drugs and the Registered Nurse: Reclaiming Your Career 1.00 
  CS020313 Enhance Your Communication Skills 4.00 
  ND030112 Facts About Nursing Documentation 2.00 
  IA053011 Inhalant Abuse……Still With Us! 1.00 
  MM111113 Medical Marijuana - The Debate 1.00 
  MM061913 Medical Marijuana: An Overview 1.00 
  RDD092011 Rave About Dangerous Drugs 2.00 
  R091112 Rhabdomyolysis – Serious Muscle-Induced Kidney Damage 2.00 
  SAC090313 The Changing Face of Substance Abuse in Children 2.00 
  GD071513 The Importance of Good Documentation 1.00 
  CT040212 The Nursing Role in Clinical Trials 3.00 
  BSA0221412 Update on Bodybuilding and Steroid Abuse 2.00 
  WV-DDT-13 West Virginia - Drug Diversion Training 6.00 
  WV-PAP-13 West Virginia - Patients Who Abuse Prescription Pain Pills 2.00 
  SA030112 What is Substance Abuse? 3.00 

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