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  D040212 A Nurse Looks at Dobutamine 1.00 
  N040212 A Review of Nesiritide: A Drug to Watch 1.00 
  AT081412 ABC's of Aspirin Therapy 2.00 
  NBA120812 ABCs of Neuromuscular Blockade Agents 1.00 
  A010912 Amiodarone 2.00 
  AET052913 An Emerging Threat-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis 1.00 
  AR092312 Antibiotic Resistance – Bugs vs. Drugs 2.00 
  DI081811 Basics of Drug Interaction 1.00 
  BIH040212 Bio-Identical Hormones: The Good and Bad News 1.00 
  BT091112 Botulinum Toxins – Medical Uses Beyond Cosmetics 1.00 
  CM101613 Cardiac Medications 5.00 
  D111312 Diuretics 1.00 
  DAW040212 Do Antioxidants Work? 1.00 
  DRT010912 Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, an Emerging Threat 1.00 
  AM122712 Exploring Metabolic Concerns with Antipsychotic Medications 2.00 
  FMA040212 Fundamentals of Medication Administration 2.00 
  HIT120208 Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia 1.00 
  HIT090313 Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia Update 1.00 
  HGH020313 Human Growth Hormone: The Long And Short Of It 3.00 
  MS022412 Medication Safety– Every Patient's Right 4.00 
  MD030614 Medications in Diabetes 2.00 
  NBA111113 Neuromuscular Blockade Agents 1.00 
  TMD091112 Transdermal Medication Delivery – Expanding Treatment Options 1.00 
  PC092011 Understanding Potassium Channels and Relationship to Disease Process 1.00 
  BPM030112 Update on Blood Pressure Medications 2.00 
  WL071713 Weight Loss Medications: An Overview 1.00 
  LLM040212 What are Lipid-Lowering Medicines? 1.00 
  AT040212 What is Acetaminophen Toxicity? 2.00 

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